Born of Fire

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There’s this picture that my boyfriend took with his arm splayed out as far as he could stretch to fit our whole family in the frame. That photo, four wide smiles all piled on top of each other, that’s my life. Do you know that Jos Stone song, Spoiled? It’s that kind of love. And now he’s sick. I want just one person to tell me how I’m supposed to feel okay about that. In my heart of hearts I’m just so sad.

The Galapagos Islands are an active volcano hot bed. The islands move at rapid speeds, they survive for millions of years and then slowly prepare to die. As their land turns barren most of the native species leave to live on the other islands. But the problem is that some of them have evolved on that island. The Waved Albatross and Sea Lions still travel to the desolate seaside cliffs of Espanola’s  south side. The Waved Albatross, is a huge bird with an eight foot wingspan. They fly for six months to reach the island once a year. The way back to those cliffs is ancestral and instinctual.

These birds can live for up to fifty years and they pair for life. They will wait on the shore for days until their partner to arrive from another part of the world. Once a year the world’s entire population of Waved Albatross are on this island at once. A blanket of white dots stretched across the rocky terrain. When the mates find each other they start executing a dance of sorts where they clack their beaks together in a way that reminds me of the gentleness that takes over when playing swords with a kid, gentle but playful. They take turns incubating their egg, each one sitting for two weeks at a time. They raise the baby and then fly their separate ways. Until they meet again the following spring.

That’s what this love feels like. Like coming home. An old familiar home that I can feel in my bones. This is simply not our first spring together.

I would fly for six months without stopping to see you again.


Why I just gave Bernie Sanders 25 dollars:

save the whales, social awareness
1) He doesn’t give a f***. 
How exciting is that? To have a politician (a socialist and an independent, if that scares you then keep reading, I bet your more of a 

socialist than you would like to think) who refuses to be bought by big business. A politician that is rock solid on his platform. A politician that consistently says the same thing and every bit of it is for the greater good of average Americans. He isn’t catering to anyone’s agenda. He tells it like it is every time. Sadly that’s an anomaly these days. And the number one reason why we MUST rally around this man and this REVOLUTION.


2) I wanna have all of this babies.

But in an effort to skirt a scandal for one of the least scandalous politicians of all time I’ll refrain. Instead channeling my passion into advocating for the first presidential nominee (including my other-other boyfriend Barack) that has made me absolutely giddy. Giddy because he gets me. More over he gets the American people. You know the ones of us who aren’t sitting on mountains of money and influence. Yeah us.

3) Climate Change.

If we’ve had an actual conversation in the past 6 months I have probably made you more than a little queezy with one of my many horror stories about how the planet is in an absolute crisis. Everything from greenhouse gas emissions to nuclear waste is literally a ticking time bomb. I don’t know what needs to be said or shown to make people open their eyes and say what the fuck. Sweet God we have to radically change our ways, individually, nationally and globally. Every time that I think about how to mobilize the masses I envision this protest sign.


I don’t know how else to express that we have 1 major problem, air, water, food. The basic elements for life HAVE to be our number 1 priority. EVERY other issue is second rung. PERIOD.

Much more to come on Bernie’s environmental platform. In a very brief nutshell in 2013 Bernie and Barbara Box introduced the “Gold Standard Climate Bill” that didn’t go anywhere. Why? Because environmental policy reform doesn’t look like profit for the big fossil fuel companies that run our government. I will be outlining that entire bill soon and how it makes real sense for Americans. Until then: he’s tough on green house gas emissions, opposes Keystone and other Pipleins, wants to BAN FRACKING, invest in research and development of alternative energy supplies, creating a clean energy rebate program for average Americans. 

For me. That’s enough. Even if he was a asshole in every other regard I’m so God Damed terrified about the environment (ahheeeemmm where we live and breathe) that I would vote for him on this issue alone. 

4) Civil Rights. 
We are 52 years past the Kennedy administration and we still have to go to the streets, the blessed internet and THE POLLS to secure the dignity and right to LIFE for all people. Fuck. This is getting really old. Yes, the Sanders campaign is strong on economic policy, i.e. picking up millions of people from the poverty line and giving them a fighting change and maybe not as boisterous about #blacklivesmatter as he could be. None the less he is still a champion for black rights, gay rights, women’s rights more so than another presidential contender.

5) Economic reform. 

This is his sticking point. The one thing that every single average American should be jumping up and down about. He’s hard on big financial institutions and he speaks to the people: Do you want a raise? Yup me too. Unfortunately the cost of living and the willingness for most businessmen  to pay their employees a dignified wage isn’t a priority for any of the other purchased politicians. Let me join him in his plea. This is basic human rights. The right of people who work full time to be making enough money to feed their families. I encourage your to listen to this story about how the CEO of Aetna realized that his companies pay scale was inhumane.

Sadly we have allowed for the rich to get richer and the poor to get well children.
SES is real. At the end of the day, racial issues, sexism, access to eduction, the national debt crisis of most individual Americans all stem back to opportunity.  Not like the illusion of the American dream, or the Romney strategy of why don’t you just ask your parents for a loan opportunity. But the right of every person to have a standard quality of life in one of the richest countries in the world. 

6) Nuclear policy. 
Uhhhhhh. I seriously get so emotional talking about the myriad of nuclear issues in our own country and globally. Bernie is real hope for the safety of our planet and our people.
He is firm on limiting nuclear power plants in this country. Issuing a moratorium on new licensure and at the very least getting the nuclear power industry off of the government’s teat. I encourage you to listen to this speech he gave after Fukushima regarding nuclear power plants in the US. 

I am also heart broken over all of the Superfund sites across the country. The poisoning— radiation— of our people, our water supply and our land. If you would like to give your self a big ‘ol cry today google it.  All around us are nuclear contaminated sites giving babies horrid forms of cancers. These are the poster children for the nuclear Superfund sites. Mind you these are the places that the EPA has distinguished as that dire. I am hopeful with a new wave political consciousness that Bernie represents that there will be a real effort to clean up our toxic waste lands and to prevent future disasters.

5 more reasons to come. Please digest this. Please do your own research. If you feel compelled to see real CHANGE for the betterment of the American people and the planet please consider getting the word out about Bernie Sanders.  

If your on all ready aboard the Bernie train then please consider donating your time and/or money to the cause. I have set up my fundraising page with a goal of $500 dollars. Even though I was head over hills for Obama I never actually gave him a penny. Because it seemed like my teeny tiny contribution a drop in the bucket was a waste of my personal (precious) money. Bernie is different. His entire campaign is funded though small donations from average Americans. He is NOT ACCEPTING CORPORATE MONEY. Is this a disadvantage? Absolutely not. It means that his money is where his mouth is. It means that his campaign is going to be grassroots, not flashy. It means that my $25 dollars today will be well spent.

JOIN THE REVOLUTION now or later! I won’t stop bugging you to open your eyes and vote for your own best interests.