Yesterday I asked,

Love, soulfood

“Oh do you have a lot of kids?”

To which she responded,

“Not at all, just two.

But I would have had a whole mess of that man’s babies.”


Let’s make a baby.

I exhale my silent dream for us into your lungs every night,

most mornings and afternoons.


There’s something in the silk of your skin,

in the tempo of your heart beat

in the ease of your grasp.


Let’s make a baby.


It cries in me.

An insatiable thirst that resides in my belly

radiates my being

abducts my place of rational thought

renders useless all of the

whys and have nots.


Let’s make a baby.

I have a hard time hearing no. You know this.


That place that is no where but everywhere,

all of me and the you that you won’t let me see

it knows.

He- she-

Will be.


Not today or tomorrow

in their own good time

but let’s not meddle in destiny.


For the record I’m currently off of the I need a baby train, until next time.


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