and they all fall down

social awareness, your body

In the last two days two men that were once friends in Lawrence have died. With a void of any information as to why and how they passed I’m left to assume that they went the way of far too many of my other young male friends from home. An overdose. An inebriated freak accident. Something that will never make the obituary. Something that will always weigh heavy on their loved ones chests. Something that didn’t have to be.

I wrote this yesterday. I add another tick today with a very heavy heart.


How surreal
to watch the boys you call home
drop dead one-by-one

How surreal
to lament a life that you haven’t
touched in ten years.

To lament
a life that could have been theirs.
There would have been
recovery -relapse-recovery

But there you are
blue, cold, dead.

Another tick on the
countdown to
everyone you know will die.

I don’t know who to be mad at
you ?
the place?

The town that nurtured us
into fearless adventurers .
The same town that spoon feed  it’s children
ruckus, party and drugs.

The town who forgot to teach
resilience, family and self-care.

Boy- you inherited your priorities
upside down and inside out.
Man- you are a vessel.
Not a party.






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