Coming to a Mailbox Near You

Love, social awareness

December 7, 2015

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

To be honest this is our first Christmas letter – apparently we’ve reached that season of our lives- so here goes nothing. 2015 has been a year of abundance, gratitude, changes, growing and love. All wonderful gifts. Things on the home front are peachy. The baby is a healthy 51 pounds and 52 inches tall. She’s rockin’ the first grade. This year she danced her first real ballet, outgrew her life jacket in favor of gliding through the open waters and rides horses every Saturday. For one jelly bean she will attempt to spell any word you give her. She’s mastered the art of sarcasm, tells tall tales and never fails to entertain.

Our beloved dogs- Meena and Lucy are crazy as (E)ver. The little one is still up for adoption if there’s room in your heart and home for the cuddliest most socially inept Chihuahua this side of the Mississippi, please do let us know. She would be best in a home with very little valued wood work (our baseboards are a sad sad sight) and one with a king sized bed, as she will take residence on the pillow between you and yours. Meena is still our ferocious guard beast who has accrued a significant amount of medical bills this year, but who’s counting.

Julius and Reagon have savored every single moment away from our jobs, not to imply that we don’t love them…. Those times have included hiking and nearly dying in the beautiful northern New Mexican desert, climbing geographical wonders at tent rocks, and most magically spending a glorious week on the beach in Cancun. A time that will forever haunt us as when the world made sense and all was right. Not a week since has gone by where one of the two of us hasn’t burst into tears due to the lack of artfully concocted beverages, crashing waves and a team of butlers insisting that everything was their pleasure (more on the exploitation of a war torn country to come..) . Suffice it to say that life on the outside has been harder than we ever imagined.

This spring we moved from the beautiful and quaint Santa Fe, New Mexico to Rio Rancho (the less exciting and less violent version of Albuquerque) where we’ve officially been sucked into life in the burbs. Julius continues to lend his technical talents to the corporate vampire that is Sprint while Reagon tirelessly caters to the whims of the behavioral health community in New Mexico. Reagon is excited to be working towards her Masters in Clinical Counseling at Southwestern College in Santa Fe. This is the next step for her to serve her community in a fulfilling conscientious manner, stay tuned for coming attractions.

To be completely clairvoyant  this letter is really just a guise to tell you the following: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider supporting Bernie Sanders for president 2016. Beyond the bubble that is our personal home and lives we have been deeply troubled by the social and political injustices that saturate our country and world. We are beyond frustrated and exhausted by the daily barrage of police murders, violence against the black community, religious intolerance, the indifference towards refugees from across the globe, mass shootings, the gaping hole that is gun reform and most of all the abuse toward our exquisitely designed mother earth.

We speak of these issues not as far off lofty “global problems” that we are innocent bystanders in, but as a family that sits down to dinner every night and asks not only why but how we can help. That’s a big question these days. How do you foster peace, love and prosperity for all equally in this world when you’re just three people? We take small steps. We reach out as far as our arms will spread and do our damnedest to show people that there is a better way.

That looks like a lot of things. One of those is advocating for who we know to be a honest, true, reasonable, for-the-people-politician in an era where that sentence sounds like a fairy tale. We don’t believe that Bernie is a miracle cure but know him to be the figurehead of a grassroots movement — revolution— that takes back political might from big business and the few ultra rich families that spoon feed our elected officials a national agenda. An agenda that robs you of the right to a clean environment, peaceful international conflict resolution, police reform, a living wage, universal health care, gender equality, family leave and mostly accountability for our government to act in the common interest of it’s people.  

Though, at this juncture we would gladly welcome radical socialist ideas for a better America we don’t have to. Bernie provides a simple, straight forward, no-nonsense platform that addresses all of the aforementioned national and global crises. Please as Christmas gift to our family take a little time out of your day to look at Bernie’s campaign. If you feel inspired like we do to move for a candidate that embodies the new wave of HOPE please take our hand. There are people just like us living in your neighborhood that would love to have the support of intelligent, socially responsible, diverse, vibrant people that we know our loved ones are.


Wishing You Peace and Love,

Julius, Reagon and Ever



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