What Love Looks Likes


A year ago I wrote this about the tremendous man that I have the privilege of sharing a life with. It’s still on the short list of my favorite posts. Today as I fly to paradise I’ll add the following to the expansive collection of words that don’t do him justice. ———-

A letter to every single one of us about the love that we deserve:

I hope that you know the peace of resting your head in the chest of a man that will stop in the middle of absolutely anything to hold you. I hope your grin stretches across your cheeks and tug at you ear lobes every time that you turn the door key. Because you know that on that couch or behind that stove is the human incarnation of happiness waiting for you to come home.

I hope that your inbox is full of little quips, artfully chosen words and nonsense that scream YOU. I hope that when you counter and argument with, “You don’t know me” that the smug face of reason and 24/7 love responds, “Yes I do”. And he does.

I hope that when you stumble upon this person that you look beyond their exterior and peer directly into their soul. When you do, that you see light. You see the promise of security and devotion. That in the throws of the greyest days that you know that there will be at least one person on this Earth that will always be by your side.

I hope that there is someone to pick you up a new toothbrush at the store. I hope that you find your socks in your underwear drawer and know that love put them there despite hating laundry day. I hope that there’s someone to clean up the perpetual disaster that your animals create. That, that someone blindly adores the four legged perpetrators walking them day and night rain or shine. I hope that you have someone to call, when your battery needs jumped and when your spirits need lifted.

I hope that your person challenges you. That they push you to try harder, to think in a new way, to fact check and expand your vocabulary. I hope they are a person that you want to learn from. I hope you get to live in awe of their profound brilliance.

I hope that you practice gratitude for this great privilege every day. That when a coworker consuls, “You’ve had terrible luck lately” that you pause. And then you recount all of your fortune. Yesterday my retort read, “You know I have been through some exceptionally shitty years, I walked through the doldrums. My life now is really wonderful, I’m not complaining”. That’s largely due to him, us.

I hope that your valleys of darkness are brief and sparse. And when you turn a corner and the sun shines that you go outside and play. A sun kissed glow is priceless.

“When you fall in love it is discovering the ocean after years of puddle jumping” -Kay


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