2014, a reflection

Love, soulfood

Heyyyy it’s me on the bandwagon wanna hop on? This actually isn’t premeditated, so we’ll see what happens.

December 31st, 2013:

Laying in bed, skinny and weak under a pile of blankets absolutely devastated. Balling, for multiple days in a row. Unable to eat, think rationally, leave the house or be a functioning human being. I was the victim of a terrible crime striking unsuspecting people everywhere……. A BREAK UP! 

It’s all really silly in hindsight. It always is, isn’t it?

The facts of the case are:

The perp: A super douche, delusionally living a double cyber life while conducting himself like a royal asshole in the real world.

Charges: Fuckin’ up a good thing.

Conviction: I got a life sentence of being surrounded by better people. And plenty of time to reflect on how to avoid another mistake like him again.

December 31st, 2014:

I laid in the same bed spooned between my handsome (current) boyfriend and our beautiful, slightly smelly doggy. J made a delicious dinner, we had margaritas and wine. A rave for 3 sans drugs. Dance party to boot. A cut throat game of slap jack and many many laughs.

The only thing that those two nights a year apart have in common is this one thought,

“What did I do to deserve this?”.

All of that is to say that life, my life in particular, works in mysterious ways. If it hadn’t have been for that stupid break up and my subsequent internet rant the love of my life wouldn’t have every sent me a consoling email that launched a thousand ships. It’s impossible to know what my life would be today without him. I’d rather not think about it.

2014 was a year of huge changes. Really tough decisions. Closely evaluating who I was willing to let participate in my future. Cutting ties. Moving on. Trudging forward.

I’ve got places to get be.


For all of my adult life I have only kept two new years resolutions. One of them I’m re-making for this year. Flossing my teeth erry damn day. You should do it too, your dentist will thank you.

Aside for a real doable resolution what I’m really into is setting intentions. There’s about a million hippy dippy articles out there right now about the difference between resolutions and intentions, google it if your ‘afused.

Here’s my list of intentions in no particular order: 

Purging. Emotionally. Physically. Except for after meals.
Using as little plastic as possible.
Avoiding GMO foods and pesticides like it’s my job.
Spending as much time as I did last year with my baby boo.
Catering less to my incredibly entitled and sassy six year old.
Fortifying my relationships.
Dancing, always.
Making some serious career decisions.
Putting in another lap on the collegiate track.
Exploring my spirituality.
Writing, everyday. Or as close to everyday as possible.
Being creative and expressive.
Cleaning less, yes you heard me.
Being supportive and challenging to those I love.
Yogaing more.
Finding my community.
Explore. Visit the mountains more.
Mostly, never loosing sight of the fact that our time here on this earth is short. Seize the day. That couldn’t feel any less cliche at this particular moment. Don’t forget to live.

Happy New Year my darlings.


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