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Best of the comments section from the brand spankin’ new Jay interview. 

*For the record, I’m still on the fence like so many. I want it to be some crazy serial killer and none of these boys at all but I usually don’t get my way* 

-A response to: Did you pay Jay for this interview? Apparently not, but…. “you don’t pay your sources, you just go easy on them. this is a puff piece.”

-“One thing I definitely believe is that Jay knows a lot more than he claims. I also find it hard to put too much stock into this interview considering it’s coming out now, after he’s heard the podcast and had time to tailor his answers and really work out his story. Having said that there are some things that he says here that he didn’t really need to. He could have stuck to his earlier story and not admitted to certain things like the ‘trunk pop’, so it does make me wonder a little if this story is perhaps closer to the truth than anything we’ve heard so far, at least as far as Jay’s involvement, still unsure of Adnan’s role if any.”

-“This guy Jay changed his story multiple times about material facts of this case and cut a deal with the prosecution. All of his friends described him as someone they never take seriously, who’s always making up bullsh*t stories. He is also the only one directly linked to Hae’s murder in the sense that 1) he admits to being an accessory before and after the fact, 2) he was connected with physical evidence a) Hae’s car b) Adnan’s phone and car c) the shovels d) destroying/disposing his own shoes and clothes with a friend. For me this guy is a lying sack of sh** and is the number one suspect into Hae’s murder. They came up with nothing substantial against Adnan (except for lyin’ J’s fingering him) after all this time, but they never seriously investigated this guy Jay as a suspect. The only thing missing on him is a clear motive. If that could be established, there is enough evidence to convict this guy 1000x over. The cops were so intent on going after Adnan they gave this guy a pass.”

My favorite, real evidence:

-“There was no rain in Baltimore from 9 PM January 13th to 4:30 AM January 14th. His story is impossible: ”
“There was rain on the 14th and 15th – so could be further proof of his lies (and increased involvement).”

-“Why didn’t you question him about the wide inconsistencies about his timeline that day? His story didn’t match 15 years ago and it matches way less in this account. Heading over to Cathy’s at 3 to 4?? That wasn’t until nearly 6 I thought? 3 to 4 is also extremely vague. What about all the other places they were accounted to previously have been that afternoon? Weren’t the cell phone pings at Leakin Park way earlier than midnight/1 AM? Lots of other things that I won’t even get into. Look, I think Adnan killed her, don’t think he’s innocent. But Jay was and continues to lie. He was clearly more involved and he has changed the story of the day to not incriminate himself more. My guess, it was a mutual murder effort but he got ahead of the story and the only one who can say he was more involved is the person who can’t bc they are still claiming their own innocence.”

-I like this because it at least offers a reason for all of the ‘trunk popping nonsense’
“It’s nice to have logic behind why Jay kept changing the trunk pop part of the story. That was the only thing that ever really stuck with me about him– like, what’s the benefit of saying he saw this thing at a pool hall versus the best buy parking lot versus a drug strip or whatever? No one’s going to forget being shown a dead body in the trunk of a car. I know a lot of us were wondering why he was changing it so often. It’s logical that he couldn’t remember where he had told the police he had been shown the body, because he really didn’t want his grandmother involved. It’s important to protect family as much as you can.”

-“Why would the police call Adnan on the day Hae died. Calling him less than 12 hours after her disappearance? The time line and place of police phone call is irregular. His comments and dislike for students in the magnet program has me suspicious.”

-“he’s inconsistent in this rendition as well: at first he claims he did not want to cooperate because he was afraid of firebombing; but then he says he decided to cooperate when the threat of prosecution was lifted. Wasn’t he still afraid of being a snitch? And what about that taped interview with police where he claims a rap sheet (one arrest) and police harrasing him (with helicopters no less), but then relents nearly immediately. His timeline also makes no sense: is he changing his story again in that he did not drop Adnan off at track practice and they went straihht to track practice? Also, if Adnan called Jay before they buried the body (the “i’m outside” call), why isn’t that on Adnan’s phone record? Hopefully the next part actually pushes him on his story rather than just lob softballs to him: a man was convicted of murder because of his story, i think he deserves some tougher questions.”

-Mostly this:
“this whole account is full of shit. where to even start with the inconsistencies?

1. the time of day he went to the mall- now he’s saying he went late afternoon/evening, in all of his previous statements he went before noon
2. in his testimony he stated adnan committed the murder, then stated he need to be seen at track, so he dropped him off. in this interview he dropped him off at school and then adnan murdered her
3. 2:36 pm? this no longer makes any sense whatsoever (even though it didn’t make sense before)
4. Patapsco state park? that whole conversation about adnan confiding in him about not being able to believe he committed a murder. according to this interview, this clears any doubt anyone may have that this event happened. why make this up and tell police?
5. now he is saying jenn was at cathy’s house- cathy and jenn and HE previously stated jenn was not there
6. how did adnan call him from best buy? he still doesn’t tell us that
7. initially he says they left the car at the park and ride right after leaving best buy, and then they went and hung out. this
8. according to this interview, jenn’s statement about adnan dropping jay off at the mall after they buried her could not have occurred that late at night (does not align with cell records of jay calling jenn to come get him). the latest call on the call log is 10:30 to “Ann.” Jenn picking him up after midnight at the mall does not make sense.
9. he drew a map for police where hae’s car was in the best buy parking lot. now he is saying the car wasn’t even there and he did not see it

I could go on. I am so confused why Jay would do this interview, because I have no doubt this will make people even more suspicious of him because everything he is saying is different from every testimony. I wonder if this information is out and it is different from his testimony, is any action able to be taken legally?”

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