it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…. 

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Mediocre man

When the  Walmart gods are smiling on you for 99 cents you can get 4 hours worth of “Super hero” cartoons.

Yesterday Ev and I had a fun filled day o’ vintage Super Man. I don’t know if it’s just been a while or if modern Superman has more plot twists than I can adequately follow. Either way our little boys should watch be watching less bob the builder and more old school chivalry.

I’m the mom who isn’t crazy about Barbie and tells princess stories with a grain of salt. Though generations of accomplished women have weathered the unrealistic superimposed expectations of the conglomerate sexist storyline. I still think it’s my job to shield her a little. And as she gets less little, it’ll be my job to do so a little more.

Back to the point. It really struck me that her watching a life time supply of Superman was defiantly more detrimental than her watching old fairy tails racist tho they may be. Because being locked in a tower and being rescued by a blind prince is hardly plausible. But what is much more reasonable and eventually crushing is that someday you’ll be Louise Lane. A beautiful, smart, accomplished news paper women trudging through a man’s world (it’s essentially like gazing into the looking glass). And naturally there will be a gorgeous man in the next cubicle over. That’s all he needed to do. Look remotely like Clark Kent and you’re (she’s) (I’m) sold.

There will be some subconscious conclusion jumping and we’ll completely overlook the fact that he doesn’t:

Encourage you to go on impossible missions so that you’re the one showing back up to the office with the big head line and all of the street cred.

He will not sense that you’re in trouble, rip off his suit and tie and fly at super human speeds to dodge explosives and all to pull back to safety the derailed train that you happen to be on.

Mostly he will not return from his impossible mission, donning those adorable glasses open the news paper and read his story and be as humble as pie.

Instead Mr. One-Cubicle-Over will :

send you border line inappropriate texts that you’ll glorify as flattering.

He will ask you if you’d like to go out for drinks because a proper date would be too much of a commitment.

Eventually after many ultimatums he might semi-commit to you. And when he does he’ll finally take you out to dinner but you’ll be going dutch so don’t forget your purse.

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