probably the least cuddly thing I’ve ever written

social awareness

*Vintage post from May 2014. Remember this story?*
I was planning to write some emo girl crap about Beyonce and Jay Z until the internet lead me to a rash of articles and debates about the “botched execution of an Oklahoma man”. I don’t know if it’s because I read the Green Mile at way too young of an age or that I’m sickly inthralled by deeply disturbing things. But, I feel like a deer in the headlights. The pro-cons of capital punishment debate got pretty flushed out in high school forensics so I’ll mostly spare you those.
Before tonights bed time stories, I was on the fence. I don’t think that I can make a sweeping decision about taking lives. That said, I’m seriously considering vegetarianism again. Something about a paragraph I read about legislation regarding the ethical euthanasia of non-livestock animals didn’t sit well with me. Who is more deserving of a painless killing Daisy or Fido? Where do you draw the animal vs food line in the sand?
Ohh but, there’s so much delicious brisket in the fridge. Maybe next week.
Kidding jeeze. Well not entirely kidding, I fully intend on eating all of the animals that I’ve already helped kill with my consumer ways. But from here on out aint nothin’ but spinach and bean sprouts.Back to le story:I had to go through at least 2 pages of google results until an article actually came out and explained what the context of botched was. In layman’s terms the anesthesia portion of the drug cocktail didn’t go into effect like it ideally should. The second and third drug are excruciatingly painful, apparently you’re entire body feels like it’s burning, with out intense anesthesia. The man died 43 min after the drugs were administered of a heart attack after grimacing, making noises and thrashing about. The first 4 minutes were on display for a room full of media.
In conclusion, that’s sick. A horrendous way to die by anyone’s standards.Let us also take note though of why Lockett was sentenced to death. He kidnapped three people from their home, raped one of them, shot an innocent 19 year old girl and then ordered his two accomplices to burry her alive. So shallowly that her toes were still sticking out of the ground.
Now, that’s a fucking sick way to die. I didn’t find that story until page the third O in google. I feel like that’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle.

The second Oklahoma inmate that was scheduled to be executed on the same day as Lockett was Charles Warner. He was convicted of raping and murdering his live in girl friend’s 11-month old baby in 2003. He was also charged in a case of raping a 5 year old girl and beating her viciously with a belt and extension cord. He wasn’t put to death that night. He has been given another 6 months of life. I hope the gravity of his actions sits heavy on his chest making each of his breaths feel excruciating from here until he gets restrained to his death bed.

I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I’ve read and heard the stories of hundreds of innocent people freed by archived DNA evidence at the last minute. Those things happen. Our justice system is far from perfect, fucked in my book on most days. Unfortunately, we live in a world where terrible things happen and we have to do our best to meet those with reasonable consequences.

I don’t know if you can execute someone without a shadow of doubt that they may in fact be innocent or worthy of some sort of redemption. When should society turn such a cold shoulder that we are willing to kill you and potentially torture you in the process? Where is that line in the sand? In my opinion right after you rape and murder a baby or kidnap shoot and burry alive a teenage girl. Those men are far worse than any feedlot animal. Yes, I know and want to believe that we are more than the sum of our actions.

But simply, grotesque acts of hatred should require no mercy. When you consciously decide to exact your evil onto an innocent person you have given up your rights, even to life.

Here’s an interesting consideration: The Executioner’s Lament. Someone has to bare the burden of taking their lives too.

Who should we shed tears for?

Be good to your children. Show compassion for a stranger. Give someone a reason to reacquaint themselves with their soul. Prevention is no joke.

This Time’s article discuss the report on the execution. Describing a blown vein gone undetected. Wow. Especially flabbergasting to my medical-field friends.

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