Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

pretty things, soulfood

Today I am thankful for two things:

-not wearing a bra all day heeeeeyy!

-that I live in one of the absolute most beautiful places on this Earth

Because my free ballin’ boobs aren’t actually that exciting I’ll focus on the latter, you’re welcome, (check out this post if you wanna read about my vagina though).

I painstakingly wrote this on my not-smart phone today at the top of a mountain where I also took the following pictures with a real camera #nofilterneed #toopoorforfilters. I’m so 2006, jelly?


The Shakers believed that heaven was in fact Earth. Longing for the afterlife was nonsensical. We are here. We have arrived.

Somedays it’s hard to entertain that notion. Babies starve to death. Black children are murdered by their public servants. Disease. Injustice. Hatred. The scarcity of everything. Have we used Heaven up?

Abstinence was pivotal to the Shaker doctrine and arguably why this Quaker sect withered away in the early 1900’s. Maybe that’s where we’ve gone wrong.

Have we broke Heaven?
Maybe it’s only to be enjoyed by those that see the beauty in it.

I can attest, it is beautiful.


Today I had a humble little Thanksgiving.

Reminiscing a few days ago I said, “At least I get to spend this Thanksgiving with people that I like”.

I ended up spending almost this entire day alone. I went up a mountain by myself, because my boyfriend is no fun and it’s a bitch to hike with a 6 year old. I was really bitter about it in the beginning. Somewhere along the trail I realized, ahhh yes, I do get to spend the day with someone that I like.


The mountains fix your soul in some magical way. The atoms in your body realign with every labored breath. You feel tiny, I love that.

“I never met a discontented tree” – John Muir

The cover photo is of the day moon. You can almost always find it in the Santa Fe sky.



I laid in this sun for quite some time.
Did ya know that my eyelashes are see threw?


Every damn angle is post card worthy.


This was the point that I grew really philosophical about dead burned trees still standing right next to their living counterparts. This tree in particular was speaking to me.


So I decided to climb up there. Clinging to this beauty for my dear life. As well as almost uprooting a sweet little Charlie Brown christmas tree.

Sorry nature.


I arrived, it does’t look that impressive.
But as it turns out the sheer side of a mountain is 6 inches of loose soil and pine needles. Not the best for climbing.


That was the view that I risked my life for. It didn’t disappoint. There’s the burnt dead tree holding the sun in it’s branches.

So I sat there for a good long time. I felt kinda like a sniper or a serial stalker. No one noticed that I was up here. I listened to a mother-daughter fight, kids throwing rocks at each other and off the side of the mountain. People panting. Dogs peeing on trees. Near the end of my time at this perch an older guy was coming down and a worn out couple heading up asks him,

“Are we there?”
“Yeah, you’re here.”

“No are we at the top?”
“Ohh, no, you aren’t going to get to the top.”

The trail reaches a saddle at about another 1/2 mile and then you turn back down one of two ways.

Yeah, you’re here.
Be where you are.


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