Yesterday, I took Reagon For President head shots. Well, actually I took glorified selfies in front of my bathroom mirror, but I put on a pearl necklace like a good presidential candidate. Therefore, 1 gold star for me.

If you were an animal what animal would you be?

A chipmunk no doubt about it.



I’m not exactly super proud of the uncanny resemblance. But what ‘cha gonna do.

This may be your first time visiting my little corner of the internet. Welcome! Follow me here, Facebook: or on Twitter (I’m phasing myself into the twitter world) @reagonforpres.

If you’re wondering what in the hell this is about. Check out my Intro Page. Basically it’s me being silly. I’m not actually running for national office, hard to believe I know. But if you would like to make a campaign contribution please send me a personal message 🙂 .

What’s with the name? My darling mother named me Reagon. For all of my years every time that I told someone my name at least 75% of the time the response was,

“Like the president”.

“Yes, like the president.”

And then I walk away.
This is me taking my damn name back.


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