happy birthday



For your 20th birthday I shall list the top 20 things that I like about you. Which will be a nice break from my incessant interrogation about how much toothpaste you used today and where you may or may not have placed potentially any item in the house.
But fo’ real, there is no other person in this world that I would rather face down this crazy world with every single day. You are my first and last smile of every day. You are my happy. And the happiest birthday to you my love.

1) That crazy early morning face. Especially since that one time that you checked in the mirror and said, “Ohhh wow that really isn’t attractive”. Secret: it still kinda is.

2) Every meal that you make is prefaced by, “I’ll just throw some things together, that’ll work”. It does, and by the looks of 30 dirty dishes there’s a method to your madness.

3) The way that you throw back your head in laughter, or double over the closest piece of furniture while clutching your side. I wish I could put your laugh in a bottle and dab it on my wrist every morning for the rest of my life.

4) All 3,000 of the little selfless things that you do every day for Ever. All of the bowls of cereal, all of the carries to the car, the play date chaperoning, and every damn one of those, “How pretty’s”.

5) When you walk the dog after dark you lock us in the house. Thank you for always protecting us.

6) That you put away our clothes, even if they are in the wrong spot and probably belong to someone else you gave it the college try and that’s more than I can say for myself most days.

7) All of the stuff between your ears. Why do you make so much ear wax? :)Seriously though, you have such a beautiful mind. A conversation with you is like a conversation with myself, but with more Hollywood references, the flaws in my own logic worked out and an incredibly resilient perspective of the world. You have honestly became the person that I talk to when I’m talking to myself in my own head. You’re my favorite voice of reason.

8) Your smile. I especially like it in profile, and when your eyes are closed, and when you walk in the door. And every other moment of the day. I told you recently that the only time that I don’t like you is when you’re not smiling which is hardly ever. Let’s keep it that way.

9) That you take my hair brained suggestions and you run with them. Suspenders… look how well that turned out. Getting rich off of teaching old people how to use the internet…. a click away. Taking all necessary hypothetical precautions to survive the zombie apocalypse in the woods together… check.

10)  The way that you devour a book. All pent up in the same uncomfortable position on the couch for two days and- done.

11) That you like “exotic” foods of the hippy persuasion like quinoa, spiralina and kombucha but never bat an eye when I suggest that for dinner let’s just eat root-beer floats.

12) How easy that it is to be vulnerable with you. I’m not really great at that. There’s been this very tangible ease between us since the first time I talked to you. It keeps me afloat.

13) You take care of my stuff. I would rather die most days than call a customer service number and ask for something annoying, or tell a used car salesman that indeed we are just kicking tires. But you’ve got the awkward situation on lock. You never waver. “Sure, I’ll do that”. Thank God because I’m really trying not to.

14) The way you dance, in the kitchen, in the living room, at the grocery store, at the bar, everywhere. I like the way you move.

15) That you’re always game. Hey do you wanna go to _________. Is always followed by, “Umm okay”, or, “Sure, like now?” And we do. It’s a coin toss but at least I’ve got a partner in crime.

16) For always exchanging “Oh my God did you see such and such on the internet today?” with me. When you know I haven’t, you come home and tell me right away with exaggerated gestures and eyes about to pop out of you skull. And you’re always right, I did need to know about that and not a moment later.

17) How sweet that you are to your family, your friends and basically any other person that you knew from way back. You always blur the edges just enough to give everyone a soft glow. Put their accolades at the beginning of the sentence, let the lesser things slip out slowly over time. You are so kind.

18) You really help me keep track of things. I basically never know if I’ve done something yesterday or last month or if it’s tomorrow or in January. Thanks for always knowing the date and doing math in your head. That whiz is hard.

19) Your words. Most of the time that I see you writing I ask if your writing me a love letter. You aren’t. But I wish you were. You have written me the most beautiful words that I have ever read (it doesn’t hurt that they were about me). You are so talented and you love me. It’s amazing when those two things collide.

20) Your baby shark toe, the way that you look up from something and lock eyes with me. How incredibly patient that you are. That you always throw back a joke or jab. That every single moment that we’re together could end with either of us in happy uncontrollable laughter tears. That you are so good to me, always.

I don’t know that you take me seriously when I say that you are my favorite person, and despite the fierce competition you always win. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I love you to the moon and back.


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