Love, silly goose

Last weekend was super fun. Halloween came a little early here. Which is totally fine in our book. 2 weeks ago I wreathed and decorated our front window. Halloween is truly the most glorious holiday of the year.

Our actual costumes are still in the works. Ev is being frozen complete with gown and wig. Until then here’s her super adorable Charlie Chaplin impression. That makeup took 3 baths to get off. On Sunday and Monday she looked like a Chola. Just helping her fit in đŸ™‚


Madrid is this magical little super hippy local art squat town off the highway place. People flock there to be bisare. I love it there, all of it except the no indoor plumbing situation. I really can’t get behind any sort of “intentional living” or off the grid situation if I can’t have flushing toilets. There’s a reason why I live in the 1st world. (Visit me we’ll go for just as long as our bladders will hold out then we’ll drive back to town). This year was their 22 (or some pretty big number) annual he/she bang.It’s basically a cross dressing get silly party and performance. This year was cowboy and aliens themed. Life doesn’t get much sweeter.

My original plan was to be Barbarella-esq. But it kind of devolved into being a Ross Dress for Less supplied fembot thing. Regardless I had cone boobs. They were such great fun.


My absolute favorite part of the night was when Julius and I were on a really crowded porch and trying to go back in. There was a group of middle aged guys ogling my geometric goodies. One of them very politely asked if he could “touch them”. He reaches out slowly like a junior high boy nervously trying to make it to the next base. In that split second I had the idea to jump when he touched them. Just as he gave them a little tweak I let out a scream and he go so scared. Backed up, fell into another group of people. I stood there laughing just long enough for him to regain his footing and say, “You would do that to me”. Ha. That’s what you get for touching my faux boobs.


We got there it was swell. We ran into Santa Clause. And his wife (gay lover? the jury is still out we have conflicting testimonies of the events) is the TOOTH FAIRY. It was so tracking funny to see Santa and The Tooth Fairy sexy dance in a bar. J was supposed to take pictures of it but he was, “Trying to not be rude” and too busy having a stroke from how flipping funny  that it was.

Here’s some pics of Santa and me. NBD.


Here’s one of him staring straight at my boobs. I feel like I automatically get off the naughty list for at least a couple of years.


Life is sweet and hilarious!


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