it -was- my birthday


The first day of 27 went a little somethin’ like so:

I woke up this morning, sandwiched between the two people that I love most in the world. We all took turns ripping the covers off each other with no mercy until the alarm blared for the first time… whoops I like you maybe you shouldn’t freeze through the night, here take it back. Then consciousness tugs at my heart just enough to inhale the shared air with my soul mates, groan and inspector gadget my arm over to hit snooze. For the love of the five minuet snooze.


My boyfriend is so reasonable regardless of the hour. How is that? Will I ever live to see the day when I’m kind and compassionate at 6 in the morning. I will be damned. He made eggs. I grumbled. The kid arrived at school on time. It was raining. Yeah. Birthday.


I came home half entertained cozying up on the couch in oblivion. But fell into the old crux of I bet the internet will be amusing. It was…well sort of. I read about cancer, murder, all of the foods that are out of pH balance with my health and the general demise of humanity. My boyfriend played fun songs and danced in front of me. Coaxing me out of my- the world is doomed- funk. “Let’s go on the hike, so it’s raining, we’re not going to melt”.

We didn’t.

We got lost, took too many U-turns to count and still we didn’t want to murder each other. That’s a g-damned accomplishment. I found my inner sense of adventure that all too often suffers the oppression of frontal cortex. “Ohhh yeah, there’s a waterfall right beyond the winding 6 foot wide path through the dilapidated trailer park, it’ll be beautiful, I heard someone say once”. We almost made it to said waterfall, after a half dozen life lessons.

Don’t be so defiant.
Blind trust doesn’t have to be scary.
Spend more time in the mountains and with the people that you love.
Life can be simple. Life should be simple.
I am so lucky to have a partner who I can be so authentically me with. (He’s extremely accommodating).
Sometimes you have to turn around before you make it to your destination and trust that you will be back. 

regbday6I took this tree as a validation of my own femininity, and that the universe likes my leg hair. 

After a should we or should we not rescue a stray dog that could have actually just been in it’s back yard debacle, we were late getting back into town. The miraculous Ari saved Ev from school and spent the afternoon with her. Fending off grocery isle tantrums over frosting and teaching boo to swing dance. All whilst making me a bunch o’ cupcakes and a seriously gorgeous cake! That complemented my solid diet of only sugar and butter yesterday. As God intended it.

Speaking of sugar and butter, I ate a crepe the size of my face. It was delicious except of the last bite that had a hunk of raw fish in it. Because it was my birthday and my cup was 1/2 full I decided ignore that it was a pretty accurate metaphor for my life thus far. More importantly my man-friend drank a ‘bowl’ of coffee. The second picture is him defending said ‘bowl de cafe’ to a group of rowdy middle aged women who couldn’t believe their eyes.





We went out to shake out money makers to The Sticky (a super rad mostly-funk cover band composed of amazing people that I quite fancy). Most all of my Banana Fe friends made an appearance. Including Dave and Colleen. I made some corny reference to “Your presence is present enough”. But that’s truly how this birthday resonated with me. I am in a place physically, logistically and emotionally where I can be so happy. Feel so loved. Share time and space with AMAZING people that runneth my cup over.


This year, the day felt about me. About being comfortable. And most importantly about being immersed in pervasive love.

Sorry if that felt like eating an entire bag of candy in one sitting. Life is sweet. 


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