wild life

science says, silly goose

My friend Erin Brown wrote this lovely post about her recent experience with snakes. I just tucked that notion away for a rainy day..or ya know for the next time that I ran into a snake or bear and needed to find some inner peace to keep me from shipping my pants right then and there. (For real though, her post is beautiful, mine is ridiculous). Speaking of bears, here’s a fun story about how I live in the land of bears. And up until today when I heard real life stories about bears trying to come into Santa Fe homes I was really into crossing paths with a bear cub I thought it might go a little something like Blueberries for Sal and less like home invasion wild giant hungry animal edition. So dream ruined.

Back to my parallel Erin story. I keep running into fish. Well fish on the internet, fish in stories, the remnants of the fish formerly known as fishy fish fish fish.  The other day Julius and I were reading about Pacu fish that apparently have an appetite for human testicles….. well until further googling discredited the myth. But those teeth tho. Shizzz. I’ve never been so glad to have internal gonads.

fuuucchhhkkkkk teeth

Pacu, he must be British.

bad-teeth-tony-blairEvidence: Tony Blair.

This morning I was reading about the giant grouper, just a potentially 9 foot long 900 pound devourer of all things that I never even heard of before.

grouper                          Grouper it’s what’s for dinner.

15veraDesigner hand bag anyone? Or do you just want to make out? (Yes, I’m going to hell)

Maybe we should have covered this somewhere along to lines of avoid sting rays, jelly fish, sharks and GIANT FLIPPING SHARK EATING FISH. This isn’t the best video but the audio is priceless. Check out the youtube clip of a shark being eaten.

“I bet you 1000 million zillion ohh I don’t know. I bet the shark was like his day is fracked up already, it can’t get any worse.” 

Long story short. All of these fish run ins must mean one thing:

“Fish is a symbol of fertility, eternity, creativity, femininity, good luck, happiness, knowledge and transformation. In Christianity, it is said the fish is a symbol of abundance and faith as observed in the Biblical story of fishes and loaves. Pagan traditions recognize the fish as a feminine symbol of fertility and an attribute of the Goddess.”

I am a goddess, hear me roar.


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