Fukang sweet!

science says

Isn’t that stained glass piece beautiful. Surprise! It’s the Fukang Meteorite. Found in Fukang China in 2000, by a villager who apparently sat on it many times while eating lunch during hikes. One day he decided to chisel into to it to find out what was inside of the “rock” and damn son. Just a 4.5 billion year old wonder made of peridot crystals (My birth stone, so naturally you should probably buy me a hunk of this for my bday, you’ve got 4 days to rustle up a nice stack of cash for the purchase) and olivine a type of metal.  It originally weighed over 2,000 pounds before being divided up and sold. It is nearly as old as the earth and is so rare because it could only come from the center of a meteor.


Apparently Kansas is a swell place to dig these up. The biggest a 1,4000 pound Pallasite was dug up in 2005 in South West KS. Who wants to go hunting?


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