organ donation

A few weeks ago I was driving across the great state of Kansas on I-70 and this is what I saw.

I had to drive another couple of miles, make a u-ey in the median and backtrack to take this picture. I just couldn’t shake the image.

It was so heart wrenching. Tonight I called the number. The husband answered the phone, I said that I saw the billboard on the side of the road and would like to ask some questions about it. He with a underlying sound of glee in his tone called for his wife. Where are you calling from? New Mexico, but I’m from Kansas.

She got on the phone, we talked. I asked some questions.

In November her husband painted 1/2 of a billboard that they rented from a friend. They have received around 50 phone calls from people mostly with her own blood type. She doesn’t know what has happened to any of those people, “Maybe they didn’t pass the questionnaire with the transplant coordinator”.

She said, “It will be what it’ll be”.

Here’s an article with her story.


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