your body

This morning I woke up with my rather sunny disposition and general attitude of why not? What else? It’s hard to be surprised any more. Life goes on. And then the afternoon hit and I wallowed around in self-pity like a pig in mud. G-damn, just give me a break. Please. That said I have first world problems, I could live in any number of places around the world and be suffering from violence, intolerance and horrific disease. But I’m not, I’m sitting on my couch in my cozy apartment with a full belly and my general wellbeing. It’s all relative. I try to never lose sight of that. But I’m human. 

In a human body. One that I would like for you to be better acquainted with.

In continuing my voyage to be as informed as possible about our bodies, how they work and how to handle when things go wrong. I came across this quote on a message board.

“You’re right about that. There is no normal. In the years since I first was graced with this condition, I’ve had friends die of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and suicide. Illness is part of life. So when I read posts here asking “why me” I always think the same thing. Why not? It will always be something, sometime, that we must go through. Young or old it is 100 percent certain to find us. How we deal with it is the only thing that separates us. As corny as it sounds we only get 1 shot at this. Make the best of it however you can.”

Modern medicine, especially in America makes us feel like we should all live to be at least our average life expectancy and do so with vigor. We shouldn’t feel tired, we’ve got a beverage and vitamins for that. We shouldn’t loose limbs, put it on ice rush it in we’ll sow it back on. Suffer from contractable diseases, vaccines, caution, fear mongering. We shouldn’t have organ failure, there’s always the promise of medical advancement. We shouldn’t be born with congenital abnormalities, natural selection, amniocentesis, selective abortion. We shouldn’t have mental illness, the modern pharmaceutical industry’s got a trick or two up it’s sleeve, or shit go to a therapist, talk it out.

We should be perfect and when we’re not there’s a solution. It’s an illusion.

We are creatures. Our bodies are resilient but we are not invincible. It’s a shock and surprise every damn time that something goes wrong, but it shouldn’t be. Be preemptive- yes. Take care of what you got, you only get one- absolutely. Be vigilant about suspected issues- of course. Feel like screaming, HEY COSMOS PICK ON SOMEONE ELSE, OR BETTER YET JUST LET US BE, FUCKKKKKK!- I get it. In fact I’ll scream it for you when your voice is week.

It’s not an attack we are a beautiful orchestration of cells, chemical reactions and electricity doing the best that they can to maintain homeostasis. It doesn’t always go as planed. In fact we are all guaranteed at least one major malfunction.

All’s fair in love, war and biology. It’s just hard to swallow.


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