Motley Crue


Fun fact I was born in the eighties to a rather ‘hip’ mother who was really into AWESOME 80’s hair bands. Guns and Roses hits turned to lullabies. Def Leppard was a household staple. I remember being silently bewildered the first time that my best friends Dad ‘rocked’ out to some broadway musical show tunes in the car. And I’m the weird one. 

So, when I decided to take the wordpress plunge the home page told me that the likes of Motley Crue use their site. SOLD. You need not say more. 

Here I am. Every night after the 11 o’clock hour  I start making all of these elaborate plans about my life plans and ambitions. I wear down the keys frantically googling self-help schemes, to no avail. I decide that I’m going to be a humanitarian. An artist. A rededicated, student, mother and kale eater. I will be better. I will do bigger things. 

Naturally I can’t do or become any of those things without sharing them with the world. Uh… Here I am. 

But fo’ real. I’ve had my beloved Love Begets Lovely blog for almost 5 years and 299 posts. 10,000 times it’s been read. Admittedly at least 1,000 of those were by me. I drug my feet starting it because I couldn’t come up with the perfect handle, I couldn’t decide on a color scheme and I didn’t know what I was going to say. So I started slow.

Back when my baby was 2, when I was wrapping up my first degree and I needed an outlet. I needed to get to know me again. Over the years it became a place to rant, to cry, to cheer and to just be me. Sometimes I wanted the whole world to see it, other times I clung to the fact that “no one reads this shit anyway”. But I’ve always been glad that I said what ever it was that needed to be said. has been real good to me. She will forever be in my heart. 

My vision for this place is for it to push me out of my comfort zone. To force me to share things from my perspective that are bigger than just woe is me- boys and my kid said the darndest thing. 

I want it  It will be a place where my grandpa can come and have some medical terminology debunked, it will be a place that shares the beautiful things that I encounter and create, it will be the home of poetry and pros, rants and raves. I’m hoping that many of my favorite people will make guest appearances because I like what they have to share and you should like them too. 
There’s a real possibility that it might turn into the equivalent of Shante reading my diary aloud to the entire girls locker room but that’s secretly the best part. So I’m not sorry. 

Come, stay, play, visit often. 


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