and the dolphins

save the whales

I’m a girl from Kansas who lives in the desert and doesn’t want you to go to Sea World or to “swim” with the dolphins on your next vacation. Sooooo what cha gonna do about it?
I’m not sure. I am informing my self. Awareness is always the beginning of change. I’ve signed the petitions, I’vs shared the pictures, I’ve emailed politicians. But I’m stuck in the perpetual sense of 21st century helplessness. What am I gonna do, join GreenPeace? Done. Picket in front of these places? Risk my life freeing the dolphins? It’s tempting. If I go missing you’ll know where to look. What I can do right now is write about it. Annoy all of you with my single minded fixation. I can help persuade the general consciousness of the American people to stop supporting torture (well this small slice of it).

This is how it started for me and I’m sure 100s of thousands of other people.
I mean I watched Free Willy… and Free Willy 2 and Free Willy 3 a few hundred times. I guess that the story line just got lumped together with The Three Ninjas and Short Circuit destined to rise again in adulthood. Alert for when I become a baseball playing Ninja and a robot rescuer. My future is bright.

This past spring the internet was a buzz with this story about Granny the 103 year old Orca who is still healthily and happily traversing the seas with her pod. And then early this summer I watched Black Fish and had my heart completely broken. It was the beginning. I don’t know what I had been doing with all of my spare time before my recent obsession with freeing marine mammals from captivity but now I’ll be sharing. You’re welcome.


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